Don Q Rum

CHALLENGE:  Make the number one rum in Puerto Rico a relevant competitor in the United States rum market.
SOLUTION:  Don Q UnQuestionable. The campaign is flexible in that it can serve as a means of educating the consumer or entertaining them and is easily adaptable to all media types, from Point of Sale to T.V. Spots, to Social Media. By educating the consumer, Don Q creates awareness of its product in an untapped market (U.S.). Through entertainment and humor, Don Q drives relevance with its target and encourages sharing through social media, word of mouth, etc.

UnQuestionable Campaign

  • Don Q UnQuesitonable Logo
  • Don Q Pattern Family Crest
  • Don Q Pattern Filigree
  • Don Q Pattern Quixote
  • Don Q Rum old packaging vs. new packaging
  • Don Q Pattern

The type-driven UnQuestionable campaign allows for direct integration of Don Q branding, as well as the opportunity to educate and inform the consumer, poke fun at the competition, and reference pop culture or lifestyle.

  • Don Q Core Billboard
  • Don Q Coco Billboard
  • Don Q Core Coasters
  • Don Q Coco Napkins