Don Q Rum

CHALLENGE:  Elevate Don Q Rum from a bottom shelf liquor to a top shelf competitor.
SOLUTION:  Rebrand Don Q Rum with new packaging that emphasizes 150 years of quality, craft, and sophistication.


  • Don Q Rum
  • Don Q Rum old logo vs. new logo
  • Don Q Rum old packaging vs. new packaging

The large ‘Q’ is iconic, quickly recognizable, and distinguishes itself from other brands. The filigree and leaves around the outside represent Don Q’s green practices, all natural ingredients, and appreciation for nature in Puerto Rico - 'The Land of Rum'.

Don Q Reserva de la Familia Serrallés

To celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Serrallés, Don Q released this extremely limited rum - a blend of 20 year old barrels hand selected by the master distiller: Roberto Serrallés. Founded in 1865, Serrallés bottled only 1,865 of these, retailing at $1,865 a bottle.